Nathan Tech

Software Engineer



Georgia Southern University

B.S. in Computer Science

Magna Cum Laude






















Software Engineer (remote)


Technologies: PHP, Javascript, Vue, Git, MySQL, Docker, Kotlin, Java

  • Simplified the API for processing transactions by developing a unified package for all the company's PHP products.
  • Increased app performance by analyzing and removing unnecessary network calls to legacy API.
  • Improved Android app's livestreaming experience by showing who is online.
  • Provided meaningful feedback to coworkers in code reviews.

Full Stack Software Engineer (remote)

Breeze ChMS


Technologies: Javascript, React, PHP, Laravel, Git, MySQL,, Stripe, Docker, Kubernetes

  • Improved customer experience by creating a new customer-facing drag-and-drop dashboard from start to finish.
  • Reduced load times of React frontend by 50% by analyzing and reducing bundle size and optimizing network calls.
  • Helped the team move from using class components to function components in React by leading a talk on the subject using a small React Native app I made and creating multiple examples in the company's codebase.
  • Created an automated integration with Hubspot that kept company and contact data synchronized between the two data sources.
  • Contributed to company and engineering culture by leading tech talks and watercooler events.
  • Expanded the API by creating multiple well-tested endpoints and services.
  • Provided meaningful feedback to coworkers in code reviews.
  • Developed new features and maintained legacy code.
  • Worked directly with the product team to develop new features based on customer feedback.

Personal Projects

It's Raffle Time

See it here

Technologies: SvelteKit, Netlify

  • Web app created to hold raffles at a work retreat. Currently hard-coded to the names of the people who were at the retreat.

Galaxy Quest

Download it on the Google Play Store

Technologies: C#, Unity

  • Galaga-inspired 3D game made in Unity and released on the Google Play Store.

LinkedIn Recommendations

"I worked with Nathan on the same team. We directly collaborated on multiple efforts on the Breeze Church Management software over a year and a half. He is an incredible engineer. He communicates clearly, is eager to learn, and is a very capable coach. Even more importantly, he has a wonderful attitude and approach to his work and life; and he has a great sense of humor. I heartily recommend him!"

- Bill Harding, coworker at Breeze ChMS

"I had the privilege and joy of working directly with Nathan on a couple of projects. He's a super smart, witty, and hilarious developer that has broad skills. Nathan excels in the front and back-end spaces of web app development and is an excellent communicator. He couples these skills with a great attitude. I'd highly recommend him to any team."

- Josh Weaver, coworker at Breeze ChMS and Tithely

"Nathan is a driven, fast learner who provides not only great technical skills and expertise but also is a great benefit to the culture of any organization he is a part of. He has a unique blend of care for others, humor, and technical excellence that makes him an incredible asset to any organization.

He's always pushing himself to learn more - in fact he's one of the primary people I learn from to in order to ensure I'm staying up-to-date on the latest technology and methodologies.

If you're considering Nathan for your organization, I have nothing but wonderful things to say. You'd be crazy not to hire him."

- Jon VerLee, founder of Breeze ChMS